EF#4 Magic Glove

My body is not in a good condition since Tuesday. It’s make me sad because I couldn’t do a lot of things. I was absent from Clinic yesterday, my bedroom is totally messy, I’m barely touch my blog and neglecting a lot of comments, all I can do just sleep all day. Hiks.. Now I try to push my self to wake up and make an English Friday post. Huha!

Psssst. I use Kool Fever for Baby right now and it’s work to reduce my fever. I’m forget why i bought this stuff, but since it useful I think I want to restock this stuff. Hihihi..

Back to topic..


Today’s English Friday challenge is..

For only one chance, what kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?

I want a magic glove.

I don’t know Doraemon has it or not, but since this challenge allowed us to make an innovation so I choose to make one. Magic glove is my imagination since a long long time ago. I was a magazine addict back then, and every time I look at good stuff like bags, clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc I want to have it all. I wish I have a magic glove, if I wear it and touch a picture of things that I want, that stuff becomes real.

You want a magic glove too?

52 thoughts on “EF#4 Magic Glove

  1. kalo nyicip makanan dari majalah doraemon ada alatnya mbak. sendok icip. apa sih namanya 😀 tapi satu sendok cuma bisa satu kali nyicip aja. Jadi kalo mau makan sampe kenyang kudu nyiapin sendok yg banyaaak. 😀

      1. Hahahahaha. Jadi kalau ada yang merugi online shopnya karena kamu dong. wkwkwkwk.
        Duh… gw memang dikenal sbg si wise ya. padahal sih…. well, setidaknya sekarang ada temen. wkwkwkwk

  2. Wah..mbak nita lagi sakit ya 😦 semoga lekas sembuh! ❤
    Aaakk!! Magic glove! Aku mau aku mau… Kalo megang poster adam levine jd keluar beneran gak ya masnya :3 hahaha

  3. I don’t think I want those gloves because it will make me work less-hard. On the second thought (do we say second thought or note yang?), I think I will have that and touch everything on Syahrini’s instagram. LOL

    1. Ahahahahahaha. I have to reply your comment Mba Ailtje, it’s terrific! Didn’t cross my mind before about Syahrini’s Instagram. All I can think of how lazy I will be with that gloves but then reading Syahrini’s Instagram I just have to agree. :))
      Cool stuff Nit. 😀
      Wish you a speedy recovery Nit!

  4. lam kenal bu dokter…hehehehe…wahhh mauu dong magic glove nya..bisa sentuh semua yg kita inginkan..*cari gambar rumah…mobil…apa aja dahh

  5. Nice and concise post Nit. Very effective! Magic glove is a great idea, didn’t even think of that until I read your post. Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Drink lots of fluid and load up on your vit C.

  6. Get well soon!
    Psst, I usually use Kool-Fever too if I have a fever :ups
    Wew, how convenient. There’ll no need for working then, cause we can get anything we want, just by touching! 😀

  7. magic glove ini kayak yang ada di sinetron jaman lawasnya stasiun tv sct*v deh.. seru ya.. akyu juga maooo

    1. Sctv udah disensor ttp kelihatan… Hahaha..
      Tambah lagi ah fungsinya magic glove utk nyentuh baju2nya di blognya Puput, trus kita bisa kembaran deh bajunya.. Hahaha.. 😀
      Gimana sist, jd pindahan ke wp kan sist? *tetep konsisten ngeracunin

  8. ah! that magic glove! doraemon have a stick that could bring everything on TV to real. just put the stick to a thing that we want on tv, then pull it.. just like fishing 😀

  9. Ada alatnya mba.. Mirip genter gitu. Pernah di pake nobita buat ngambil barang yg ada di dalam iklan tv 😀

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