EF#12: Commuter Line is Fun!

On last Sunday I had a scheduled to meet with my friends from Chatterous in Starbucks Stasiun Kota. What makes me excited to go to that event is I can go there with Commuter Line! Yuhuuu.. Since 2012 I go to here and there with my car and using public transportation is kinda scary for me yet still exciting. When I have a chance to using public transportation and I feel it’s not scary, I try to use public transportation.

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EF#9: What Do You Think About Me?

Kopi darat or blogger’s meet up is one of anticipated event for a blogger. As a blogger, our main activities is on virtual world. We talked, chat, listen to other stories online, without eye contact, intonation, and body gesture that would make an effective communication. It easy to build misperception and wear a mask to show to the world as a different person. Suddenly it sounds scary.

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EF#6 Jenny

Her name is Jenny.
She has flawless skin, dark brown hair with rainbow highlights, and an hourglass body.
Crop top and hot pants is her uniform.
She can’t stand using heels and loves her flats.
Her favourite colours is deep pink, just like me. 🙂
She can do whatever she likes but everybody still love her because of her bubbly personality.
Smart and to the point.
She’s great at drawing illustration and I wants to ask her to help me to make an illustration for my Dental Health Education posts.
But I can’t.
Because she’s not real.

P.s. Karena Nita cuma satu. 🙂
P.p.s. Submitted for English Friday Challenge at Blog English Club, EF#6 Alter Ego

EF#5 Happy-Go-Lucky Community

Admins of BEC choose this week’s English Friday Topic with purpose, not just to be narcissistic, hehehe.  We know we’re still lack in many areas so we need to hear members’ testimonial and critic about our 1st month journey. We had read most of members’ submission and their were touched us a lot. Now we have the fuel to makes BEC better. 🙂

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EF#4 Magic Glove

My body is not in a good condition since Tuesday. It’s make me sad because I couldn’t do a lot of things. I was absent from Clinic yesterday, my bedroom is totally messy, I’m barely touch my blog and neglecting a lot of comments, all I can do just sleep all day. Hiks.. Now I try to push my self to wake up and make an English Friday post. Huha!

Psssst. I use Kool Fever for Baby right now and it’s work to reduce my fever. I’m forget why i bought this stuff, but since it useful I think I want to restock this stuff. Hihihi..

Back to topic..

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EF#3 Talk About Smartphone

Who doesn’t love their smartphone? I do love it! I had smartphone from different brand and operating system since 2010 and today is 2015 the innovation still fascinating me. Smartphone makes (almost) everything easier. Make a blog post, read a textbook, pay something, send an email, it’s all in my hand. Just imagine about something that smartphone can do, search it in application store, and tadaaa.. I guarantee that you will find what you’re searching for, but still, it’s depends on your phone specifications. 😉

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EF#2: My English Friday Post is about English Friday

It’s really hard for me to write about my wildest dream since i never thought about it before. I have a plan and an ultimate goal but I prefer not to share it in this blogosphere. Hihihi. I think it’s better to keep it as secret until the time I can launch it.

So what is my wildest dream that shareable?

Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock..

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EF#1: Remarkable

Just like other BEC’s members, I was struggling to choose one word that can describe 2015, although that idea’s mine. I had posted about tagline that I choose in 2015 which is be humble, but i want to pick another word. Be humble would describe my spirit, and the others would describe the year itself. Is it confusing?

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