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MILESTONE: Februari 2015

Setelah menunda-nunda-nunda, akhirnya kubuat juga post ini. Perasaanku di bulan Februari campur aduk. Ada masalah kronis yang akhirnya muncul lagi, ada banyak event seru di bulan Februari, dan ada pelajaran […]

EF#6 Jenny

Her name is Jenny. She has flawless skin, dark brown hair with rainbow highlights, and an hourglass body. Crop top and hot pants is her uniform. She can’t stand using […]

EF#5 Happy-Go-Lucky Community

Admins of BEC choose this week’s English Friday Topic with purpose, not just to be narcissistic, hehehe.  We know we’re still lack in many areas so we need to hear […]

EF#4 Magic Glove

My body is not in a good condition since Tuesday. It’s make me sad because I couldn’t do a lot of things. I was absent from Clinic yesterday, my bedroom […]