EF#12: Commuter Line is Fun!

On last Sunday I had a scheduled to meet with my friends from Chatterous in Starbucks Stasiun Kota. What makes me excited to go to that event is I can go there with Commuter Line! Yuhuuu.. Since 2012 I go to here and there with my car and using public transportation is kinda scary for me yet still exciting. When I have a chance to using public transportation and I feel it’s not scary, I try to use public transportation.


I started my journey from Stasiun Kranji (I keep to using Indonesian name for a place, just like I prefer to mention Universitas Indonesia than University of Indonesia), buy one trip ticket because I was failed to top up my e-money not just once but twice, hiks. One trip ticket cost me 8500 IDR. I was so lucky the train was arrived after I bought my ticket, so I didn’t have to wait. 😉

At that time I bring mineral water, yoghurt, tea, and snack because I thought that would be a boring journey, but it’s not! The train is not that crowded, I still can felt the air conditioner, and I can sit and read my book. Only took 40 minutes to arrived in Stasiun Kota from Bekasi, let’s compared it with driving with a car, grrrr. Because of that when my parents asked me to picked me up, I prefer to refused them and back to my home with commuter line. 🙂

What’s your favorit public transportation?

Let’s share it in a blogpost and join this English Friday Challenge about Transportation.. 🙂

16 thoughts on “EF#12: Commuter Line is Fun!”

  1. But they all will be different in weekdays, especially at rush hours… nakutin :hihi. I love CL, too. It’s the most comfortable yet affordable option that I have for commuting from a place to another within the capital :)).

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