EF#6 Jenny

Her name is Jenny.
She has flawless skin, dark brown hair with rainbow highlights, and an hourglass body.
Crop top and hot pants is her uniform.
She can’t stand using heels and loves her flats.
Her favourite colours is deep pink, just like me. 🙂
She can do whatever she likes but everybody still love her because of her bubbly personality.
Smart and to the point.
She’s great at drawing illustration and I wants to ask her to help me to make an illustration for my Dental Health Education posts.
But I can’t.
Because she’s not real.

P.s. Karena Nita cuma satu. 🙂
P.p.s. Submitted for English Friday Challenge at Blog English Club, EF#6 Alter Ego

28 thoughts on “EF#6 Jenny

  1. Hai mbak Jenny… In terms of fashion sense, she’s so sexy but you’re so syar’i huahahahaa
    PS. menerima orderan jasa ilustrasi gigi untuk kebutuhan blog =)) hahahaaa teuteuuupppp jualan

  2. So you don’t put another persona when meeting someone new? That’s really awesome. I can conclude that you’re mature, in terms of personality (mature, not old :hihi).

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