EF#5 Happy-Go-Lucky Community

Admins of BEC choose this week’s English Friday Topic with purpose, not just to be narcissistic, hehehe.  We know we’re still lack in many areas so we need to hear members’ testimonial and critic about our 1st month journey. We had read most of members’ submission and their were touched us a lot. Now we have the fuel to makes BEC better. 🙂

Moves to my opinion..

For me BEC is a Happy-Go-Lucky Community, it’s not just a place where I can learn English but also learn to work in team, manage a community, work fast and efficient (because our time is limited),  and still have fun! I met a lot of friends in here, laugh a lot and learn a lot. 🙂

Thank God for this opportunity ♥

P.s. This week’s topic give me writer’s block.

28 thoughts on “EF#5 Happy-Go-Lucky Community

    1. Haha… Kepencet itu… Baru kata2 awal udah kpncet published.. Klo org2nya emg jd kyk family nantinya bergabung bec pasti bakal memorable,, tp klo dr kacamata admin bec itu happy go lucky community

  1. Our time is limited! sound scarry, isn’t. Let inspire others, before we got expired. So sorry, I’ve been lost s’where for the last 3 weeks

    1. Udah nulis yang panjang, tapi malah gak cocok untuk jawab challenge ini, akhirnya diputuskan untuk masuk blog BEC ajah.. hohoho..

    1. Tadi berasa gak enak pas baca. Ternyata benar. Saya si ini. Hahaha. Gpp deh.

      Tulisanmu juga panjang Mas Mbah. 😝

      Dah keseringan nulis hal yang sama ya Nit. Jadi writer’s block.

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