EF#9: What Do You Think About Me?

Kopi darat or blogger’s meet up is one of anticipated event for a blogger. As a blogger, our main activities is on virtual world. We talked, chat, listen to other stories online, without eye contact, intonation, and body gesture that would make an effective communication. It easy to build misperception and wear a mask to show to the world as a different person. Suddenly it sounds scary.

I’m quite general to share my personal life in this blog. I’m not afraid someone in my real life read my blog (of course after I graduated from University, hihihi) because (I think) I show you the real me. But to protect myself and my image (ihikkk) I have to hide this and that. It’s still OK lah yaa…

In this blogoshpere, my meet up experiences is still small in number not as many as this Seleblog. I recorded that events in this post
Kopdar with Mbak Laras
Kopdar with Mas Lambang, Mas Nahar, Dyah, Mira, Utie
Kopdar with Indonesian Hijab Blogger
Kopdar in BEC Meet Up, yeay!

After meet up I always curious how they’re perceived about me. Am I looks like in their imagination before? Am my writing show them the real me like I thought?

So in this short post I want to asked you: What do you think about me?
And for the one who had met me in person, am I looks like in your imagination?

Please tell me.. 😉

46 thoughts on “EF#9: What Do You Think About Me?

  1. Its really nice to meet you in person Mba, from the first BEC meet up, I conclude that you are a cheerful and modest person Mba.. ^_^

  2. You’re actually really bubbly! Too bad we don’t talk much at the prior meet up huhu I hope we could meet and talk a lot at the other occasion, grup sebelah mungkin barangkali mo bkin gathering 😛

  3. I need a second meet up to really know the real you nit. Hahaha.. Didn’t got thhe chance to interact with you back then on kopdar IHB hehehek..

  4. Kalo komunikasi verbal aja cuma mereprentasikan 10% dr komunikasi yg seutuhnya, karena 90 sisanya lewat mimic, gesture dan BL trs. komunikasi tertulis itu brpa persen ya porsinya ?

  5. Salah satu acara yang paling ditunggu2 blogger ya kopdaran ya, hehehe….
    Seru banget kayaknya acaranya.
    Btw, salam kenal ya kak 🙂

        1. Iya, terakhir ditambal yang geraham sebelah kanan. Karangnya udah dihilangin. Karena formasi gigi saya emang berantakan jadi sikat giginya kadang kurang bersih. Mau tambal yang sebelah kanan tapi katanya jangan dulu. Tips buat hilangin karang gigi gimana, ya, mbak? siap-siap diomelin 😀

  6. Hm. I only heard about you from Mas Ade, and he said that you’re really nice person to be friend with. Also, you are a warm and friendly to be chatted with–he’s said that, too.
    Yet, he also said that you suffered from insomnia, so when someone wants to talk or chat with you via whatsapp, he/she should contact you after 11 p.m…
    Oops, guess I should runaway before Mr. Ade Limau read this. Adieu!

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