EF#3 Talk About Smartphone

Who doesn’t love their smartphone? I do love it! I had smartphone from different brand and operating system since 2010 and today is 2015 the innovation still fascinating me. Smartphone makes (almost) everything easier. Make a blog post, read a textbook, pay something, send an email, it’s all in my hand. Just imagine about something that smartphone can do, search it in application store, and tadaaa.. I guarantee that you will find what you’re searching for, but still, it’s depends on your phone specifications. 😉


Besides that capabilities, smartphone has a numerous disadvantages. The easiness to copy and paste will reduce our capability to memorizing something and taking notes efficiently. Our counting ability will degrade because we’re depending on calculator or application too much. And about social ability, hhhm, i think a lot of people nowadays doesn’t give attention for it. People busy with their phone, not with real people. 😦

Smartphone has a pros and cons.. We, people, should be smart to use it. I’m glad that I live in transitional era from conventional to digital, and still stick to conventional ways to make a plan, write a summary, make a post draft. And for digital life, I like to explore something to make my life easier. I love automatic life but I don’t want depend too much on gadget, my brain still need an exercise.

The point of this post is…
I don’t know.. Hahaha..

This post is submitted for EF#3 challenge.. For more information, click englishfriday.wordpress.com > connect > learn > have fun together! 🙂

P.s. I’m not a gadget freak, so I kinda stuck when I write this post. My love for smartphone and conventional planner (plus stationeries, stickers, blablabla) is equal.

P.p.s. Picture from my old post: HP dari dulu hingga sekarang

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  1. I am too old to memorize things hahahaha. Salute to you Nit… still manage to memorize things, especially those doctor’s things. hahaha

  2. I agree with you, Mba Nit.. Copy-pasting makes life easier but reading and re-writing things using our own hands will definitely do more than that 😉 To me, this applies mostly when summarizing learning material in the night before exam 😁

  3. I agree with you, Kak Nit, smartphone has pros and cons, it depends on the user.
    I love taking notes, too. Its sensation is different with typing on my tablet or computer 🙂 But, I have never use the planner even though it’s a good way to manage my schedule and activities. I should try it 🙂

  4. I read once, a very shocking qoute from a friends of mine from India; “We are living in the era of smartphone, amongst stupid people”. Sadly but true. Phone are getting smarter. Most of us getting lazier are not even able able to memorize… says, more than 10 phone numbers 🙂

  5. Nice post, Mba. Very true! Despite the ease we get by using gadgets, brain still and will always need exercise. If it doesn’t do exercise, it will slowly stop working. And if it stops working (naudzubillahiminzalik), technology will become extinct. Why? Because the so called technology is created by the brain itself. 🙂

  6. Stickers? I love stickers! 😀
    Kalo aku nyatet sesuatu yg penting di kertas coretan yg kecil. Tapi sering lupa narok kertasnya di mana. Hehehe.

  7. I have just joined this BEC, it seems like a very interesting initiative. Anyway, I do not want to call mobile phone as smart phone; it is not smart, the battery doesn’t even last a day 😦

  8. Er, what is a planner, to be exact? I haven’t heard about it before 🙂
    Hmm, I think the points are:
    – Let’s use gadgets wisely
    – Spend more time with real people, not with just friends on social media, unless you know that they’re real (whom I being friends with? Robots?) and willing spending time chatting with you (personal problem…)
    – Let’s shop at the market, so the computations of amounts we have to pay is being done manually (economically speaking…)

  9. saya jarang pake kalkulator karena nggak banyak lagi melakukan hitung2an

    yang jelas… saya jadi jarang banget menulis pake tangan 😀

  10. Hah itu dia kenapa aku susah banget ngapalin resep, harus buka google… Ternyata emang kudu kayak eyang putri, resep disalin di buku khusus hahahahaaa… Back to conventional wayssss

  11. LOL I love your point of this post mbak xDD anyway I also use planner for my schedule etc. It’s way more effective than any other productivity apps.

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