Day: January 23, 2013

LIFE: Life Keep on Turning

We’ve come to the final story All of it has passed behind me With my smile and now I’m ready For my next step again I know I can’t drown forever I’ve got a life I have to deal with I believe that life keeps turning And I’m here just to wait and sing Yes, I’m here just to wait and sing…. Loosing you is not the end of the world But it’s, true that is definitely hurts That is definitely hurts! When I wake up in the morning One smile wipes away my yearning A messages has come arriving Secret admirer strikes again And this life keeps on turning 😀 Hffft… Hari ini saya menggila. Gak cuma saya sih, dia juga.. Kali ini harus bener-bener reset. Reset atau format? Ah, sembarang! Kali ini harus konsisten nih, soalnya saya yang memutuskan, huhuhu.. Mencinta dan dicintai memang rumit dan bikin saya kapok. Tapi ya sudahlah, life must go on.. PS: this is the end of “Tiga Kata” & “16 Hari“